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We have moved the information articles from the old Country Garden site and will be adding other information about things here on the sandpile.I have gradually been moving from Angel Trumpets to Adeniums.The Desert Roses are addictive and certainly much easier to care for.Add to that the fact that no two are exactly alike and it's easy to see why they are so fascinating.You will find new articles on Adeniums,our beekeeping,and last,but certainly not least,WTBS. We are now working on some nice Adenium crosses as well as continuing with our grafting experiments.There should be some nice,new and different Desert Roses in the near future.
Come back and visit us often. We are constantly adding more to the site.

I am a charter member of Brugmansia Growers International and continue to be
active there.It is a group of helpful and friendly people.There are classifieds with things for sale as well as a lot of trading and sharing
among the members.



NOTE....The plants on this site are not for sale
The plants shown are for information only





There is a new gathering place for Adenium enthusiast

Join us at All Things Plants

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