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I started another little experiment today.I have wanted some adeniums with multiple flower colors and this will get them started.I will use a "pencil" graft for these and graft four different colors to each of the caudices. Before starting with the actual graft I needed to make up a drill bit for the holes.This is a simple 3/8th inch spade bit ground to a pencil point shape.A regular 3/8th twist drill could be used in a pinch.


I needed to select a couple of well shaped Obesums for this experiment.The bases need to be at least two inches to allow room for the four scions we will be using on each one.Make a square cut just at the top of the base.

The caudex trimmed

Drill the holes about 90 degrees apart,near the top of the caudex and drill them at a 45 degree angle.There will be some fuzzy,wet sawdust but this does not cause problems.Wash it off when you finish.Drill only about three quarters of an inch deep.Cut your scions no more than three inches long.Anything longer will make a flimsy branch

Scions should be close to the same diameter as the drill bit you use and should be sharpened like a pencil point.Press them firmly into the holes.No wax or tape is necessary for these.Place a plastic bag or cut off bottle over the plant to keep the humidity high.

The new grafts

I will add more photos in a couple of weeks to show how the plants are progressing. Don't forget to label your grafts.Without the labels you will forget which is which.You don't need to ask how I know that.

I am disappointed with the outcome of this experiment.More than 50% of the scions "took" and grew.That was the good news.The bad news is that none of the different colors bloomed at the same time so my hope for multi colors on one plant were not to be. I would have a plant with nice red flowers on one side and nothing but leaves on the other three.An unbalanced plant doesn't do it for me.