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January 1st

I have feed on six of the weakest colonies and will check them again after the freeze.In addition,I am open feeding all colonies on the warm days.

January 7th

It's happening again this year.The low last night was 19 degrees.I do hope these temperatures don't go lower since the red maples are beginning to bloom and the bees were bringing in pollen from them and the henbit.

January 8th

Low last night was 24.That; some better I guess.At least it's not likely to stop the maples.All hives appear to be wintering well.

January 9th

Predicted low for tonight is 28 with tomorrows high in the low fifties.The bees will be flying.I need to start setting up some empty nucs and getting things ready for a few early splits.Target date for those are no later than Feb 15th.