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Are Brugmansia poisonous?
The short answer is yes. Many of our favorite flowers and vegetable plants are poisonous.Azaleas and oleander,for instance,are very poisonous if ingested. Angel Trumpets are members of the Solenacae family which includes tomatoes, potatoes and eggplant.All of these plants are poisonous with the exception of the fruit.
What is the difference between Datura and Brugmansia?
Datura are small,bushy plants that are usually grown from seed and are grown as annuals. The Datura flower faces upward. Brugmansia are shrubs or small trees These are grown as perennials and are kept from year to year, either growing in the open or in containers in colder areas. Brugmansia flowers face outward(nodding) or downward(pendulous).There are now a few brugs with flowers that face upwards,at least for part of the life of the bloom.
Can I grow Angel Trumpets from seed?
Brugs are easily grown from seed.They germinate readily in warm,moist soil. With the exception of Arborea,Brugmansia do not come true from seed Your seed grown brugs will be different from the parent plants and will be brand new hybrids. It is always exciting to be the first to see a new plant bloom.A seed grown plant can be expected to produce flowers in from one to two years, and rarely,at eight months.
What fertilizer should I use?
Brugmansia are heavy feeders.Many people use soluble,commercial mixes such as Miracle Grow or Peters. Any fertilizer marked for tomatoes is good. If you prefer to grow organically, brugs respond well to compost, bone meal and well rotted manure.
Are Brugs dangerous to my pets?
We at Country Garden have dogs,a cat and several Nubian milk goats.None of these animals show much interest in brugs.We have seen the goats nibble at brug leaves but they never eat much so we assume that they taste bad to animals. Deer,which live in the adjoining forest,also leave them alone though they often eat from our garden.

Finally,enjoy your new plants.With good care you should have blooms within six months.
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