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The plants pictured on these four pages are our own hybrids.
Most were grown by us or by trusted friends.There will be more added
when we register our last few.

This site is an information site only.The
Plants pictured here are not for sale.When we have extras
we sell them on Ebay and on the BGI classifieds.

Click the thumbnails for larger pictures.

brugmansia afterglow This is the very first of my hybrids.The blooms are fragrant and are similar in size to Dr.Seuss but are held in a low nodding position. They start yellow and later change to a nice pumpkin orange. These trees are very hardy and practically disease free.Fragrant variety.Serrated leaves.Blooms often and with plenty of blooms.
Pod parent......Frosty Pink
Pollen parent...Dr.Seuss
Bloom.....11 inches long....6 inches across the face,not including the tendrils.

Brugmansia Amazon .This one blooms early and sets large numbers of trumpets. The flowers are nodding.Nicely shaped,super sturdy plants that do well in containers.This one has the thickest trunks of any I have seen.I believe this one was grown out and tested by Al Maas.There is some variation in the flower color depending on climate.It varies from white to cream to very light peach.
Pod parent......Rothkirch
Pollen parent ...Ocre New
Bloom.......8 inches long,6 inches across the face,not including the tendrils.

Brugmansia Delta Dawn A very beautiful nodding bloom and one of my favorites.This is probably the second widest bloom of all the brugmansia second only to Adora..It has excellent flower shape and blooms early and sets large numbers of trumpets. The leaves are large and dark green.Airbrushed color blending from yellow to pink.These are not good container plants as they grow to a large size and have a tendency to sprawl.
Pod parent.......Ember Glow
Pollen parent....Pink Beauty
Bloom............10 inches long,11 inches across the face,not including the tendrils.

Brugmansia Double Delight This was one of Country Garden's first doubles. The trumpets are pendant and are fully double and sometimes triple.Practically disease free here.
Pod parent.......Knightii
Pollen parent....Kyle's Pink
Bloom.........about 10 inches long and 5 inches across the face,not including the tendrils.

Brugmansia Double Play This is a brand new one,registered in 2011, and a very beautiful peach/pink Brugmansia.The plants stay medium size and grow well either in the ground or in large containers(5 gallon and up).Enjoy the breathtaking beauty of this one.Puts on large numbers of dark peach,double blooms and does this repeatedly during the season.Light fragrance.
Pod parent.........El Dorado
pollen parent .....Royal Ruby
bloom.................10 inches long and 6 inches across the face,not including the tendrils.

Brugmansia El Dorado A new Country Garden hybrid,recently introduced.A large plant with large yellow/orange trumpets. The flowers are large,nodding,very fragrant and have a soft,waxy sheen.Leaves are large,dark green and glossy.This is the best yellow hybrid we have had so far.
Pod parent........Bernstein
Pollen parent.....Rosalie
Bloom............8 inches long and 9 inches across the face,not including the tendrils.
For the hybridizers,El Dorado's grandparents are:
Bernstein----Super Rose x B.x candida Apricot
Rosalie----Rothkirch x Ocre
One would think that with that lineage that El D would be a strong shade of pink.Just goes to show Ocre's strength.I look forward to crossing El D to one of Ludgers pure pink,and yellow Aureas when they are old enough to produce pollen.

Brugmansia This is a very beautiful hybrid with a snow white bloom similar to Rothkirch in shape.A medium size plant with medium,nodding trumpets. Leaves are large, dark green and glossy.This is the only white we have registered out of the hundreds grown here .This one is special and very,very beautiful.
Pod parent......American Pride
Pollen parent..Pink Smitty
Bloom.........8 inches long and 6 inches across the face,not including the tendrils.

Brugmansia Flirtation This beautiful single pink has pendant trumpets and puts on a real show.A mature plant can have a hundred blooms at once.The blooms last for several days. Stands heat and humidity well. A large plant with large pendant trumpets. Really unusual and beautiful. Leaves are large,dark green and glossy. A medium pink you can depend on.
Pod parent.......Pink Beauty
Pollen parent....Ecuador Pink
Bloom............12 inches long and 7 inches across the face,not including the tendrils.
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